Friday, December 4, 2009

strange friday

it's's cold.and i look kinda pregnant in the top i'm wearing.
good thing my hair falls just the way i want it to.

i've been thinking about Fed.
that's strange.very strange.

in the very brief time we've been together,i doubt whether we have forged a relationship of any sort except for friendship.
it's been a week since that funny idea of the kiss was planted into my head.

it's growing i guess.

not like a flower,but like a weed.

and weeds are bad.
they can be verrrrrrry baaaaaaad.

any self respecting gardener will tell you that weeds should be killed.

i don't want him to know.he cannot know.this is just a passing fancy.

things are good the way they are.the way they are nothing.
no reason to spin the world around again when i've barely settled from the last shake.

and now we wait for my resolve to weaken.

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