Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cold,nice December smell

i know my friends are finding me increasingly strange because i've been asking them if they smell anything in the air.and i don't mean it figuratively.

my friends swear they're not wearing anything and that's probably the truth because i smell it even when i'm not around anyone.

it's everywhere.even inside the office building!
but not inside the house.
the colder it is,the more it is there.
it's driving me crazy.crazy good because it makes me feel giddy.

if only i could bottle that scent!

of all the people i've asked only one have said that she smells it too so that means i'm not in some kind of a trip.

i really do smell something. like perfume. extremely pleasing. and it reminds me of other cold but happy december nights.

but it is there!
weird much.

image from missedconnectionsny.blogspot.com

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