Monday, December 28, 2009

december 25th went on like this: nightfall

after the sunset,we headed to the amusement park.killed my feet.ate fatfood,i mean fastfood(not to mention i had to wait more than half an hour to get it).went home.

i so badly wanted to ride the suspended roller coaster but thanks to the scheming amusement park management,you can't buy a single ride ticket.and in no way i am getting a three-ride ticket because with the long queuing,i would be spending more than half the night in line.if you think i outsmarted the amusement park guys,you're mistaken.they robbed off money from me by setting up games that have adorably cuddly stuff toys as prizes but are impossible win.

it was a good day.the last time i had fun during the twenty-fifth was more than ten years father was still around,i had a real relationship with other people other than the two i have now.

we got home just in time to catch the series my sister was crazy about.then we climbed to bed.then they went to sleep.

i didn't.

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