Monday, December 7, 2009

mid-month slump

welcome to the mid-month slump.
it's a time when the highest of heels can't seem to make my legs long enough,and the cutest of dresses fail me.

blame it on the hormones.really.

only in my case it's not "pre" but rather "post".

i've been fighting the urge the kick off my heeled green suede pumps(i will be never able to justify why i bought them) in exchange of the slippers i have stashed in my bag.and i probably will when i finish this.

actually i had some hope for this day until the time i had to get dressed for work.

first,as i put on my tightest jeans,it ripped on the side.
i changed into a flowy little black dress thinking that it would turn the bad spell around only to realize that i don't have the shoes to match them.
so i pulled out another pair of jeans (which were too tight!no stretch!),donned them and stomped to work.

the nasty episode reminded me of four things that are true mid-month slump or not:
1.i don't have enough shoes.
2.i need a better pair of jeans.
3.i have to stop buying cheap.

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