Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i have a confession to make

after months of struggling to be happy again,i seemed to have won the battle.
who knew that "fake it til you make it" actually works?
it was tough checking up on myself every minute just to make sure that i won't burst out crying.
exactly how many nights is spent sleepless,i don't know.i don't want to know.all i know is that it was enough to make me lose 10 pounds,some hair and rationality.

i managed to laugh and relate to people again.but here's the truth: i am still heartbroken.

heartbroken because of unrequited love or the inability to find someone,i don't know.i don't wanna know.all i know is that i want to find someone.because apparently,being alright on my own isn't enough.


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Kaye said...

Hey for some magical reason I just saw this today, as to why only now? Cant friggin answer. That was my question too.

Anyway, being human and having the ability not to lie to yourself or pretend that things are how you want them to be is the best gift ever.

Cheers to you for knowing what it is you want and loving yourself.

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