Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i know exactly what you're up to.

when i was younger,i used to fathom why some guys would stay two steps behind me even when we're walking together.

as i got older,i realized that while my front bumper is humble, i've been blessed with lovely humps behind.

it used to be flattering(okay okay,it is flattering),knowing that guys are checking you out,but it also makes me feel super conscious! especially when i'm wearing those really tight jeans!

i get it when you do it once.

curious right?
maybe even tempting.

i understand that you guys are visual creatures.

but to do it everytime we walk together is just uncomfortable.

i guess all guys do this. even a friend of mine recently told me that his boyfriend of four years admitted to doing this during their first few months of dating.

dude,thanks.really.but stop sightseeing already because i know what you're up to.

and it's not like my derriere is going to change its shape on a daily or weekly basis.

but again thanks because atleast you notice.and maybe next time, try not to be too obvious.

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