Thursday, March 11, 2010


 these skirts make me wanna ditch my ever trusty skinny pants.

today's top five

i'm feelng a teeny bit sadder than usual today. in an effort to cheer myself up, i decided to list down 10 things that made(and makes!) me smile...

1. the blue cup (of tea) and orange saucer it's on that sitting on my desk right now. i just love that the mismatched pair looks rustic.

2. this spider tattoo.

3. sex on fire by kings of leon.

4. this makeup set. i'd kill for it.

5. my overgrown bangs. it's already past my eyebrows but i love how it softens my features!

6.the buttercream biscuits i just had. yum :)

7. who wouldn't love this shoe collection?

8. this. lol

9. the cake boss.

10. the walk home with kaye and jess.

this made me think...


i would have to say that it's been a long time. and somehow that bothers me. worries me.
have i become boring? have i lost my zest for life?
trying out new things used to top my list. it freaks me out big time but it's exhilirating all the same.
i used to live for the thrill. but now what? 
some days  feel so stuck in this daily routine of work and home. at the same time, i feel that i am left with no choice considering the tough times.

Friday, March 5, 2010

reading list

i'm sick and the only plan i have for the weekend is to stay in bed until noon, watch HBO and maybe finish one of the books on my reading list.

here are the books currently stacked on my bedside table:

choke by chuck palahniuk

the pelican brief by john grisham 

wicked by gregory maguire

what is about love that...

 what is it about love that reduces someone so extraordinary, spunky and crazy into a common girl?
that's how it is to me. and no matter how much i seem to resent it, it is refreshingly normal all the same.

being friends...


on my way home last night i, along with two good friends, came across Hank and his girl.
and man, i hate that girl. while spewing criticisms at her, in a flash of anger, i almost blurted out hank's biggest secret. my mind just clouded over and pure hate took control. it felt so good spitting it out. until about six blocks later i realized that had been in the wrong company, i would have totally wrecked our friendship.

and that made me appreciate what we have. although i will always want us to be more, for now, i can't stand the thought of not having any sort of relationship with him. he may not be my lover but i am still his friend. and this is what i am ultimately good at. i'm good at being a friend. and these past few days i'm becoming even more better at that with him.

Monday, March 1, 2010

first of summer

i can't believe it's march already! and since we have no spring here, it's officially summer :)
everything feels kinda lovely today...
i woke up feeling like i'm going to meet the One today.
do ever get that feeling? that you're going to meet that one person you've been longing for on that very day?
i wonder if we can predict such things. or feel it coming. can we tell when the One is on his/her way?
i think i just used the word feel in three consecutive sentences.well three's a lucky number people!
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