Thursday, March 11, 2010

today's top five

i'm feelng a teeny bit sadder than usual today. in an effort to cheer myself up, i decided to list down 10 things that made(and makes!) me smile...

1. the blue cup (of tea) and orange saucer it's on that sitting on my desk right now. i just love that the mismatched pair looks rustic.

2. this spider tattoo.

3. sex on fire by kings of leon.

4. this makeup set. i'd kill for it.

5. my overgrown bangs. it's already past my eyebrows but i love how it softens my features!

6.the buttercream biscuits i just had. yum :)

7. who wouldn't love this shoe collection?

8. this. lol

9. the cake boss.

10. the walk home with kaye and jess.

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