Monday, December 28, 2009

december 25th went on like this:lunch

so we went to the mall.where i come from, the mall is more than just a place to shop.if you're in the city,this is one of your best bets for've got the theater,restos,boutiques,bookstores,and arcades all at the same place.
and since it was the twenty-fifth,we expected it to be packed.
packed and not bursting as we found it was.
kids littered the floor like trash.i don't hate children if they are well-behaved.but children on that particular day scurried like mice on slippery granite floor.if you're not careful you might step on them.i think i,twice.don't worry i said sorry.

we were craving for KFC but just like the rest of the place it was bursting.ridiculous.people it's christmas.your christmas.go somewhere special to eat.on a day like december twenty-fifth KFC is for people like us who just want chicken,mashed potatoes,on a tight budget and don't celebrate christmas.

after ten or so minutes of waiting for someone to finish their meal, we gave up the KFC battle (another defeat) walked in search for another place to eat and spotted a family soon getting up from their table at The French Baker.So we settle in less than five minutes,looked at the menu and realized we weren't in the mood for pasta or soup in a bread bowl.

needless to say we left and after walking for the next thirty minutes,ended up in place that is more suitable for drinking with your buddies at night than eating lunch with your family.

lunch was good ole sisig,a disappointing plate of cheesy mussels (too damn small!),overpriced Coke in cans, pandan macapuno icecream in minuscule proportions and a bill that a little over than a bucket meal at KFC that could have truly satiated us.

the only consolation was that the place was cool and and we didn't have to hurry getting up because someone was in line outside waiting to take our place.i guess now i know why there wasn't a line outside.or why a couple of families,mostly adults, reserved a table for the night.

next,i'll tell you about the sunset.

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