Monday, December 28, 2009

december 25th went on like this:battle of the pants

we have atleast seven pairs of jeans at home and if you think that would be enough for three three women (two young, one old),you're wrong.
out of all seven (or more) pairs,there's this one that fits the three of us perfectly.sister hood of traveling pants much?no! no magic here. just fast metabolism for one, good genes for the other and painful squats for me.
i gave up the jeans as quickly as one of the two claimed it's right to it that problemo!i'll just shave and strut shorts.but then i had trouble finding a top that goes well with it...
the battle ensued.
except there was really no battle except stomping and murmuring on my part and finally settling for the non-stretch pair of pants.
i managed ten minutes after accepting defeat.
never mind that it pinched and i had to cuff it.

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