Sunday, December 27, 2009

december 25th went on like this:morning

christmas is not celebrated in our house...
and i don't really feel bad about it.
so on the morning of december 25th i trudged down the stairs at 9:30 AM,opened the fridge then marched to the sofa with a cookie on my hand,half of which is already in my mouth.i slumped down and did what i love to do each the one of the greatest inventions of mankind:the television.
guess what's on? the Ring. american version. some guy from the channel's idea of a christmas special.
my sister came down next,we had breakfast with mom,spent the next three hours flipping through cartoons,movies,and music videos.all the while arguing what to do for the entire day.
we came to decision at noon and began the fight for the best jeans in the house...

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