Monday, February 1, 2010

red lips


i really wish i could pull off red lips. just look at these women.
i can't figure out my perfect shade and sometimes i get too conscious whenever i try on one!
i've tried shades for warm skin tones but i have this idea that shades for cool tones would suit me better.
so if any of you have tips about finding the perfect red lippie,or the right prod.then comment below. 
by the way,i'm asian (who looks more like hispanic),with a green/warm undertone,and plumper lower lips.


Anonymous said...

oh wow I am really enjoying your blog :) and I’m Asian too and I wish I could wear red lipstick like the one in the picture too , but then my eyes sink in , then when I wear eyeliner and mascara the whole look just looks a wee whorish hehe :D !

m said...

so true about the whorish part!
but dontcha worry girl,we will find that perfect shade:)

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