Thursday, February 25, 2010

mr. 15th floor

i saw mr.15th-floor today and managed a half smile. i could've done so much better but when you see your occasional crush,it's simply not that easy.
who is mr.15th-floor? i don't know his name. nor his age. i'm guessing he's around 25 though. he works on the 15th floor but also has an office on the 14th (the floor where i work). he likes to look at me when we pass each other, give me an almost-smile-but-not-quite then walk away.he's never asked for my name. and i have no intention(at the moment)to ask his. sometimes, he looks like he wants to say hi. i bet i look like that to him sometimes,too. we've been like this for nearly a year now.
i would say he's nothing special, really. it's just that he manages to make me feel giddy and pretty. and to any girl, that's big deal.
i wonder if we will ever get around to actually saying hi. and what would happen after that.

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