Monday, February 1, 2010

pasta,old photos and shaved brows

sunday was wonderful.i made pasta for my sister's birthday party and it was my first time to ever cook anything with parsley(it didn't look as good as the dish in the photo!)! I made ham and mushroom pasta. it turned an awful thousand-island dressing shade (eek!) but according to the guests,it was yummy.i don't think they were just being polite because i thought it was delicious, too.

it was unexpectedly fun to be surrounded by a bunch of young girls under 19(my sister's friends) .we looked at old pictures in ginormous photo albums my mom compiled over the years(they couldn't believe how chubby i used to be!)i wish to write more about the photos but i've got a pretty heavy workload right now so good luck tomorrow.

and also, after a month long retreat from the tweezers, i went to the neighboring salon to have my brows reshaped! my face looks brighter and my eyes had really stood out :)

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