Thursday, February 4, 2010

dear hank...

dear hank,
i honestly thought i'm done with you.
well actually i am but there will always be something left to say as long as you're around.
well for now here it goes...
you look so good sometimes it pricks. it pricks so bad it renders me breathless.
i wanna roll up those sleeves of yours because i think your shirt will look better on you that way.
you always leave me wondering with the things you say and do.
how you not see me when i walk across the room and how i unexpectedly make you laugh with my most innocent reactions.  
if you'll let me,i'll rip those dark glasses off and show the world that you're really not just the chain smoking , reserved, and always cool dude you seem to be...
but an eight year-old who has an endearing laugh and loves mcdonald's,and looks like a puppy with a cold on bad days.

1 comment:

Kaye said...

As nice as it would be to rip hank's clothes off (haha)..

Do it then!
(blog about it, i mean)


I think you just got you mojo back stuff seem always juicy. :)

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