Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mid-month slump


well it's not technically the middle of the month yet but it is almost that time of the month. the dreaded pms. pre and post in my case. i came to calling these days the mid month slump because that's when it used to fall (thanks to an irregular cycle,it's on a different week of every month now).
i feel extra everything. extra hungry, extra sleepy, extra mopey, extra loud, extra jumpy, extra tired, extra irritable and maybe even extra annoying to some people.
it's terrible.it's insane.
it doesn't help that tomorrow is a wednesday. i have to get up extra early to attend a meeting, work until 11 pm,and pull through one of the busiest of class schedules. it's basically a 15-hour workday! i guess they call it hump-day for a reason.

1 comment:

Kaye said...

I swear the word "hump" gives so many ideas to my not so innocent mind.

Well I guess we can celebrate that we will be going to work on Tuesday next week


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