Friday, February 12, 2010

glaringly single


i am glaringly single. in our team i am known as the single one. the one to be set up with guys. the unattached.
the one who's legal to flirt. oh boy, i love that last one.

i don't want to be all mopey this weekend just because it's v-day.
afterall, it's not really my fault that i'm single. it hardly ever is. single people are single because we either a.) choose to be, b.)haven't found the right one.

i'm happy for all the couples who will be celebrating. you guys are lucky to have found each other :)

honestly, i can't wait to meet the One. however while i am waiting, let me share with you one of the things that i enjoy about my single status:
i don't have to constantly update anyone about what i'm doing nor my whereabouts. there's this sense of freedom that is really quite enjoyable. i don't have to answer to anyone.

feel free to add your own reasons below.
and you can also ask your friends to join in :)


Anonymous said...

hey hey just because your not celebrating Valentines Day doesnt mean you cant celebrate Chinese New Year which is on Valentines Day this year ^_^ so bring out the Chinese vibe in you and celebrate it with a billion other people on this earth this Sunday ! I can guarantee you there will be more people celebrating Chinese New Year than Valentines Day considering the ratio of Chinese people on this planet ^_^ have a good day because even though I’m single too this year I am going to have a great Valentines/ Chinese New Year day !

Xin Nian Kuai Le 新 年 快 乐 Happy Chinese New Year !

Kaye said...

Another good thing about being single is that, you won't have to compromise.

The ability to compromise is a sign of maturity, but it is something that limits us. A LOT.

Romantico said...

another thing is that I can talk to any girl and go out with her and no one will yell at me "why are you looking at her? is she more beautiful than me? go to her..." bla bla bla

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