Thursday, January 28, 2010

works like magic

today is going pretty well despite having less than eight hours of zzz's.
thanks to the light shimmery eyeshadow trick(light,pearly or shimmery eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and some on the lower lid),i look as perky as the red teletubby,Po(sorry, i can't think of anyone else!).i was really careful with my eyeliner so it won't end up smudged(grungy) or winged (outdated).and ofcourse, a generous coat of mascara.

i feel inexplicably giggly and i'm (GASP) in's damn strange yet damn good.
i have this smile plastered semi-permanently on my face since i left the house this noon.

anyway, i read somewhere (probably on Smitten or Shine) that people (especially guys) respond favorably to big and expressive smiles and today i discovered that it is true.really.
it's a shame that i can't find the original post but the article advised smiling with both of your eyebrows raised (very expressive indeed).it felt a little stupid the first few times i tried but i'm getting used to it.

i started testing it out last worked on one grandfatherly man from church who never really smiled at me.he looked so surprised (i guess because he's never seen me smiling like that before) but still gave me a really warm smile sans one front tooth that brightened my morning.

the next time was earlier today.first attempt flopped because the guy in question wasn't really looking.second attempt was the same because he looked away.but third time's the charm! he gave me a second look, smiled and struck a conversation( a very short one but still!)!usually, i would just raise my eyebrows ever so slightly at him,nod in acknowledgment, he would do the same then walk away.

so it really works.
it still feels a little unnatural smiling like that all the time but with such encouraging results, im willing to practice :)

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