Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bird food and rabbit food

january is the month of crazy dieting.people who want to shed the pounds take advantage of the momentum the new year brings.so let me share with you the diets some of my friends are on:

1. vegetarian crackers (dubbed bird food because of the sesame seeds on top) and mineral water.
yes.just that.for the rest of the day.shout out to kaye.i wanna know your new diet.
i've been told that mineral water burns fat.is that true?more likely bs.anyway,i saw positve results on my friend.

2. banana for lunch. aloe vera water and watermelons for dinner.
yes.again.aloe vera water.it tastes good because it's flovored,if it wasn't,it won't stand a chance.
i doubt this.the person who ate this today doesn't really need to lose weight.she just needs some good ole toning exercise.

3. banana and yoghurt.
i'd die.period.

4.banana for lunch.green salad (rabbit food)for dinner.
give me my Big Mac and i'd do 50 squats and lunges in the morning.

now,they don't really eat the same thing everyday.they have some variety but basically that's it.except for number one that is.
crazy i'd say.tomorrow i'l buy some mc donald's and dangle the fries in front of them.just kidding.


Kaye said...

Well to be honest, i didn't just start eating 2 packs of crackers in one day. it started months ago and not with crackers.

1st month
rabbit style.
global lettuce (as much as u want) + baby carrots (as much as u want) + dressing of your choice (not too much though)
2 bananas + apple+ mango+pineapple chunks + corn.

2nd month - 3rd month
quarter of a bowl of(fitnesse)cereal w/o milk.
bread sticks (no sugar/no flavor) + yogurt.

4th month - 5th month
sandwich (2 slices of bread only)
wheat bread+lettuce+tuna+ thinly sliced cheese.
vegetarian crackers. (2 packs)

6th month.
granola bar (honey and oat) (1 pc.)

ps. I dunno the mineral water thing.
I just refuse to use anybody else's mug when I drink, hence the bottle everyday.

m said...

your diet sounds healthy but there's no way i will survive.today i will see if a bottle of fruit juice,cheese bread,and a can of tuna will suffice.

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