Thursday, January 28, 2010

a loneliness worse than mine


i came across this post from Smitten earlier and discovered that there is a kind of loneliness worse that what i've been going through(read number 8).
imagine being with someone and still feel lonely and hollow. that must suck.a lot.
because for me, the whole point of being with someone is to not feel so alone anymore.
i'm not saying that couples should be together all the time like they're joined at the hip(again,that'll bore the hell out of you both in no time).but they should create the feeling in each other that other person is not going through anything alone ever again.

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Kaye said...

I think that if the relationship is like what u said. its not a real one, maybe just like this obligation or just so they'd feel like everybody else.

I think rushing into things is never good, but we're human its normal to desire to be normal while sacrificing , but sacrificing being single though.

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