Friday, January 29, 2010

i'm okay!


 i feel uncharacteristically happy and surprisingly alright despite blowing almost my entire pay to bills, debts, and more bills. thanks to an unexpected,unconsumed paid leave from last year (i didn't know i still had two left!two!),i had lil bit left that definitely won't be going to shoes but will be ulitmately useful. i guess this is what prayers are for.this is how they actually work.

let's end the work week with a really pretty vintage dress i found at 13bees.

i think that it could work as wedding dress (a simple church wedding on a sunny day with lots and lots of blooms) :)


Kaye said...

love it.
You really dig simple designs :)
very classy still.

white tulips would be nice. i think.

m said...

i'm thinking about black beauty sister thinks it's outdated to use them.she says they're you think so?

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