Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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i was terrified of not being able to sleep last night. terrified.
on my way home, i nearly cried (again!).
my heart drummed in my chest.
too fast.
too damn fast.

it was so familiar.
and it only meant trouble.
i dread lying on my bed all night and watching the window get light.
a sleepless night could only mean a crappy day.and two crappy days in a row means going crazy.and going crazy means losing more sleep.it's a a vicious cycle.

things are not going so well right now.and the worries that keep me up at night are not of matters of the heart.
more like matters of life.bills,due dates,people getting old and sick,young girls to be a role model to,shoes to buy,birthday promises,dreams that always seem to slip away...

thankfully,after a prayer and thirty minutes of writing my lids began to droop.and in another thirty minutes,sleep came.

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Kaye said...

I'm happy u got some sleep.

I've noticed that its been almost 2 weeks or maybe going 3 since u started being bothered.. well the shaving sun, is hope so u know u'r getting there, just hang tight.

good thing about crying while walking is that when people look at you it is not with disgust but bewilderment.


who knows, one cute person might just decide to try to wipe off those nasty tears.

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